Labels for Perfume and Other Scented Body Products

Fragrance labels are actually very versatile because they can work with any container that's about the size of a perfume or cologne bottle. You need only have a design, and then have us print it. This design can be your own creation, or you can work with a designer and then provide us with their layout.

Our fragrance labels work with many kinds of packaging, so there's no need to get special ones for your bottles. Whether you're using glass, plastic, or something else, our labels will stick with no problems. This further adds to the versatility of this type of label.

Designing Your Fragrance Labels

When it comes to design, the label should have a few key qualities to make it a success. These aspects are current trends because big companies, and their marketing departments, have found that they get the most attention from customers.


Putting the important information in a simple, bold font has become quite popular lately. This is much easier to read than the elaborate, light-toned, cursive fragrance fonts of yesteryear. There is, however, one caveat: The printing needs to be distinctive enough to avoid looking like a generic brand. Make sure your printing isn't so plain that people expect your product to be "generic quality."

If you have a website or other branding, you should try to keep the look-and-feel uniform between it and your products. Unified branding helps people remember your product and spot it on shelves. If the website branding doesn't look good enough for your product package, update the website instead of the label.

Use Patterns, Too

Whether you use a specific logo or simply stick to a distinctive pattern, good fragrance labels have some kind of graphics other than the printed words. This makes them look more professional and provides another "hook" to attract attention. Just as importantly, it makes your products more memorable.

Choose Colors that Reflect the Contents of the Bottle

You may choose to have the colors of your labels reflect the type of scent within the bottle. Whether you do this depends, in part, on the brand image you want to project. How many fragrances you have to offer also comes into play. If there are a lot of scents in your line, scent-specific colors help people to find the one they want quickly.

Advertise Positive Aspects of Your Product

Many people look for specific attributes in products, such as non-GMO, all-natural, no animal testing, and similar things. If any of these apply to your product, be sure to state this on the label. Some movements, such as non-GMO, have little logos that people have already learned to look for. Learn the criteria for any applicable logos, and if you qualify, add them to your logo design. Logos like these usually appear near the bottom of labels or on the back of the bottles, so they don't interfere with the main product branding.

Make Sure to Include any Mandatory Verbiage

Depending on your product, you may be legally required to list ingredients, instructions, proposition 65 warnings, or other boilerplate statements. Be sure to include them on your labels. In many cases, information like this is printed either on a separate label that goes on the back of your package, or on the part of a long label that will end up facing the rear of a bottle. For these statements, the font doesn't have to be big and bold. Feel free to put it in literal fine print, as long as that's allowed by the relevant regulators.

Get the Best Labels Possible

Attracting customers requires creating the best impression possible. In the fragrance market, you will be competing with high-end producers who spare no expense in creating their packaging. You don't have to break the bank to create a good impression against these products, but you can't look like you skimped out, either.

Our digital label press is able to create great-looking pressure-sensitive labels even for short-run orders. Bold, vibrant colors, strong logos, and clear fonts are easy for us to reproduce. You can be sure that your design will come out exactly as it was submitted to us, with no deterioration of quality.

Use our fragrance labels for any product that has a scent. Body wash, scented soaps, lotions, and of course, perfume are just some of the products that these labels will fit.