Life-Size Standees

The experienced professionals at White Graphics will digitally produce life-size standees on a variety of
materials and finish them to perfection. Life size standees can be scored for folding and kitted
individually or for bulk packing. We offer many different options, including life size foam standees, life
size cardboard standees, personalized life standees, as well as any other custom life size standee needed
to make a lasting impression.
The team of packaging professionals at White Graphics, Inc., focuses on the specific needs of each
customer. Serving both the B2C and B2B markets, we work with each client to bring their creative
concepts to life with personalized life standees, life size standee printing, and other assemblies and
reproductions that are sure to impress. We offer a complete range of related services, including
graphics, package prototyping, kitting, and fulfillment.
Life size standees are typically used for parties, events, conferences, tradeshow booths, store front
displays, and any other area in which a striking life size photo standee is needed.

Benefits of Life Size Standees

  • Make a memorable impression and liven up any event
  • They can be saved as souvenirs to remember the special occasion
  • High quality material can be used for outdoor use as well
Whether your life size standee project requirement includes just one unit or one million, our skilled
team of dedicated packaging professionals will determine the right production approach to meet your
exact specifications and exceed your expectations – on every project, every single time. Life size
standees can be customized to fit your custom needs, and our team works with each customer to
ensure maximum production flexibility. We have an abundance of life size standees and custom life size
standees available in many different versions with a wide range of materials.

Three operating principles guide the White Graphics team to produce consistent value: speed, quality
and expertise. Additionally, we focus on continually innovating our design, build and production
approaches. We also invest in ongoing research and new, cutting-edge technologies that allow us to
deliver breakthrough solutions for our customers. At White Graphics, we are proud of our commitment
to maintaining collaborative and confidential partnerships with each of our customers and the brands or
organizations they represent.

At White Graphics, Inc., we understand customer preferences drive purchasing decisions that impact
marketing and sales opportunities. Our clients count on us for our knowledge and experience with the
cost and speed-to-market advantages of digital printing for package decoration.

Please contact our packaging professionals to explore our life size standee products as an option for
your next project. You can reach us at 630.791.0232 or via email: