Canned Food Labels

In today's saturated market of canned foods, the labels can matter as much as the product inside. Exhausted consumers aren't always going to take the time to examine a product, which is why the outside has to be striking enough to force them out of their comfort zone and try something new. Whether you specialize in veggies, fruits, tuna, beans, meats, soups, or any other kind of canned food, the right label can really get the ball rolling to promote awareness of your product.

The Power of Labels

A label isn't just a piece of paper identifying the product and the company, but a way to engage with your customers on their level. There's no pushy salesperson in their face or a commercial blaring out your name, there's only an image that can help them connect with your brand. Whether it's geared toward kids or adults, the label doesn't have to be busy or overly informative. A mission statement or a design can go a long way toward helping customers get a better sense of what you do and how you do it.

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Quality Production Runs

White Graphics Inc. has seen how the right labels can make a difference for our customers. The ones that fade under the bright lights of a supermarket aisle or that fall apart in a pantry just don't leave the same impression. You want your words to be crystal clear and the adhesive to stay strong under fire.

Our digital label press is the perfect solution because it's able to handle practically any variable data that our companies could ask for. For instance, maybe you want to do a limited distribution of a special flavor of your product, or you want to experiment with new colors for your logo. Having the right equipment has been extremely beneficial for our clients, allowing them to get more done in less time without blowing their budget.

After working with clients across a variety of spectrums in the retail world, our staff has quickly become experts. We can tell you more about what it means to capture your audience's imagination simply by having a label that can speak to their needs in just a single glance.