Custom Hemp Labels

Why Are Custom Hemp Labels Essential?

Hemp seems to be everywhere these days. Standing out in a crowded market is easier than ever with our custom hemp labels. Hemp products are still relatively new to many customers. They’re just now learning about the products and the benefits they offer consumers, pets, and more. Combine that with varying regulations concerning hemp derivatives and you may be required to include specific information on your custom hemp labels.

White Graphics Inc. custom hemp labels give you the versatility to meet regulations, inform your customers, and build your brand with our high quality, variable print, custom hemp labels.

Hemp is growing and expanding so that you now find hemp derivatives in the following products and more

  • Food products

  • Beverages

  • Bath and body products

  • Beauty products

Each one with different labeling needs, making custom hemp labels essential to get the word out about your business, your brand, and your hemp products.

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Why White Graphics Inc. for Custom Hemp Labels?

White Graphics Inc. believes in adopting the latest technologies in our label making process, such as our new digital label press that makes stunning short production runs of pressure-sensitive labels.

Additionally, we opt for quality materials for making labels, embrace bold colors that stand out and grab audience attention, and create labels that are meant to last.

White Graphics Inc. offers more than just product labels for your hemp goods, however. We also offer things like barcode labels, extended content labels, brochure printing (so people can learn more about your entire line of hemp-based products), and more.

We understand how important the visuals are for helping sell your products. That is why we offer custom hemp labels that are visually appealing and designed to last. We offer a full range of services to help you get your hemp products to market quickly and beautifully with our custom hemp labels.

Contact us today to learn more about our product offerings, the technology we employ, and what makes our products different from our competitors. Touch base with us by calling 630.791.0232 or filling out our online form so we can get in touch with you.