How Effective Product Packaging Creates Value

Added value for the consumer doesn't always translate into a lower priced product or customer discounts. While both of these price point breaks do create a value for the consumer, there is another desired value that is to be found in the customer experience. In this vein, a product that solves two problems at once can be considered a tremendous value to the buyer. What makes your product packaging a value to the consumer may be a time-saving factor or packaging that also serves as the primary protector of product - able to withstand crushing and/or tampering.

Clear product information that is easy to read and easy to find on your packaging creates B2C value. While your B2B customers have completely different pain points when it comes to packaging, they would see value in product packaging that can make the best use of retail shelf space.

How Effective Product Packaging Creates Value

Packaging that Promotes Brand Recognition

When the consumer easily recognizes your brand over the competition due to certain design elements of your packaging - including package shape or size, you've increased the product's ability to sell. Humanizing your packaging makes it easier for customers to connect with your brand emotionally and intellectually.

The value of the packaging lies in its ability to promote your brand and its ability to evoke humor, cleanliness, or sophistication. Graphical marketing messages, product instructions, or vital health data on your packaging can also effectively create value.

Efficient Packaging for Efficient Logistics

Added value in packaging can be realized in the efficient storage, handling, and transport in products, all of which can reduce waste and scrap, along with transportation value and space. Creating value in this manner adds to the bottom line along the entire value chain, from manufacturer to consumer. Logistics management should be considered during product conception.

Shelf-ready units that apply the right methods and materials during the design process can directly affect distribution costs by trimming away sourcing and transportation costs.

Added Dollar Value and Convenience

Real value in product packaging for the consumer is packaging that is more than material. Consumers appreciate attractive packaging which often serves a double use. A cardboard box, a tin, or a flexible package can last for years serving to hold precious items or for storing necessaries in a convenient place. Thoughtful packaging combines form, function, and aesthetics - making inexpensive products seem more valuable and can make the un-boxing more pleasant. When it comes to customer convenience, the packaging plays a major role.

When your products avoid agitating the consumer - or causing an inconvenience, the subliminal message is that the consumer was considered during product design. While the dreaded clamshell packaging is a necessary device against product tampering or shipping damage, the less work it takes to open a package could make the difference between a customer selecting your product versus the competition.

Packaging that Solves A Consumer Problem

Innovative packaging can do more than house a product, they can also solve a consumer problem. If the packaging wastes the product when opening or is difficult to open, grumpy customers may choose your competitor when making the next purchase decision. Innovative packaging solutions include over-the-counter medications that do away with missing caps by dispensing one dose of medication at a time or spray bottles that do away with left-over product at the bottom of the bottle. Each of these packaging solutions have solved a consumer problem.

Increased waste is another consumer problem that can be solved with innovative packaging. Doing away with single use packaging and offering more bulk packaging, along with using recycled, recyclable, and/or biodegradable packaging will decrease waste which is a growing consumer concern.

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