Flexible Packaging Trends

Recent technology advancements have had a massive impact on flexible packaging with the packaging industry remodeling to minimize waste, attract customers’ attention, reduce costs and maintain product freshness. New flexible packaging applications are emerging for packaging viscous, liquid, particulate and powered products. Internationally, the flexible packaging market will keep growing in stores as well as within the industry.

According to a report, The Future of Global Flexible Packaging to 2020, which was released by Smithers Pira, the flexible packaging industry will continue to grow even more rapidly due to the increased demand for convenient and sustainable packaging applications in different sectors. The report forecast that the demand for flexible packaging will reach $248 billion by the year 2020. Here are the latest trends in packaging that have influenced the rapid growth of the flexible packaging sector.

Easy to Open and Close Packaging

Every market needs easy to open and close packaging applications. In fact, typical consumers prefer products that are easy to open and close. The flexible packaging industry is focused on creating packages that can be easily opened and resealed without too much difficulty. These technologies create packages that can’t tear easily and can ensure freshness of shelf life products.

Environment-friendly Packaging Materials

Markets are more environmentally friendly than ever before. Hence, manufacturers of food products are looking for food and beverage packaging prototype companies that have yielded to the demand to produce packaging that reduces environmental impact, energy, carbon footprint and cost of transportation. Also, many consumers will continue seeking brands and products that respond positively to the demand for sustainability.

Crusading Against Food Waste

Extending the shelf life of perishable food products has ignited the demand for Active Modified Atmospheric Packaging. Anti-microbial food packaging aims to modify the environment inside the fresh produce food package, enhance sensory qualities and maintain microbial safety. Initiatives established by corporations are dedicated to campaigning against food waste and introducing ways of creating food security through sustainable, flexible food packaging applications for food products.

Engaging and Connecting

Brand owners and consumers want to engage and connect through packaging that engages and connects. Tactile Effects on packaging for high impulse buying FMCG products coupled with specialized printing technology has become popular this year. Flexible packaging is bracing up to a new level where modified profile shapes that consumers can relate to is also expected to grow rapidly.

Clear films

Clear films are increasingly replacing the use of aluminum foil barriers. The clear films and coatings give brands an opportunity to show the uniqueness of their products to potential customers before they purchase. The products come in safe microwave form to boost convenience. A potential customer will be more willing to buy a product that he or she can see in the clear film packaging than one in opaque packaging. Offering consumers a sneak peek into different available products at the Point Of Sale will help customers make informed buying decisions.


The advancement in the production technologies used for manufacturing flexible packaging has enabled companies to produce packaging that is conveniently portable. In today’s fast-paced world, consumers have busy lifestyles and would want to use portable and disposable products almost all the time. In the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industries flooded with freezers and random mealtimes, this is very important.

Creativity and implementation of flexible packaging are expected to be somewhat of a disruptive factor in some areas. In other words, flexible packaging is plagued by other large manufacturing and development issues such as consumer resistance to excess packaging and sachet products. However, these are not a major disruption as more emphasis is focused on anti-counterfeit practices, product safety, new regulations, brand owners and consumer demands. As a result, there is room for packaging developers to utilize new ideas in solving these issues innovatively. Nonetheless, the growth of flexible packaging is expected to continue expanding into markets that it hasn’t been embraced fully.

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