Create Custom Cannabis Labels / Tips and Regulations

With recreational marijuana legal in 17 states and medical marijuana legal in most states as of January 2022, the time to get into the cannabis business has never been better. However, the opportunity does not come without its share of challenges. Dispensary branding must stand out from the competition, and product labels are a huge piece of the process.

Unique and functional labels that draw attention while providing enough room to list all required information are critical in the cannabis industry. White Graphics, Inc. is available to create labels that do more than receive a passing glance. The visual imagery and carefully-placed words will make people stop and pay attention, even if they were not previously considering buying that product.

High-Quality Labels for Cannabis and Cannabidiol Products

Why settle for labels with just two or three colors when you can get four-color labels from White Graphics? Our in-house equipment has digital and flexographic printing capabilities that make such sharp colors and images possible. You can also choose as many as 10 Pantone computer monitor colors (PCM)for the unique package look your customers need.

We also have a large die collection, laser die cutters, and numerous finishes and materials available. Whether you require a large or small high-color cannabis label order, our team of professionals will get the job done right.

Examples of Labels for Cannabis and Cannabidiol Products

White Graphics creates labels for dozens of types of products in the cannabis industry. Some of our most popular requests include:

  • Edibles packaging
  • e-Vape cartridges
  • Glass bottles and vials
  • Grinders
  • Lighters
  • Mylar bags
  • Pop tops
  • Role tubes
  • Tamper evident jars
  • Topical containers

How Labels from White Graphics Can Help Your Customers with Compliance

Whether sold in smokable, edible, or body oil form, cannabis is a consumable product. For this reason, dispensaries must meet state requirements regarding which information to include. All marijuana sellers must furnish the data they acquired the product, manufacturer data, weight, and list of ingredients at a minimum.

Each dispensary owner must also include information required by the state where they operate. Based in Illinois, where cannabis is fully legal both recreationally and medically, White Graphics is fully informed when it comes to regulations for marijuana product labeling.

Label Options for Tracking and Product Identification

Another way to win customer favor is to offer barcodes and different printing options to identify cannabis strains. Thanks to radio frequency identification (RFID) tracking, your customers can easily locate the serial or lot number of every product. Customers appreciate this feature because it allows them to inform marijuana regulators of the origination point of the products they sell. RFID technology is also useful for cannabis growers because they can track the strain and efficacy of each plant.

Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer Label Options

Do you have customers looking for on-demand printing solutions that stay within their budget? Then we suggest offering them direct thermal or thermal transfer label options. The ability to print from a portable or desktop device gives your customers the ultimate flexibility to meet the needs of their own customers. Not only can they print product labels using one of these methods, but they can print point-of-sale (POS) receipts, shelf labels, pricing labels, and several other types of labels.

We Offer Flexibility at a Time When Regulators Do Not

California was the first state to legalize medical marijuana in 1996 and Colorado was the first to grant legal approval for recreational marijuana in 2012. Since that time, each state has considered or passed legislation regarding medical and recreational legality. The result is an ever-changing industry held together by a loose patchwork of state regulations rather than federal ones. With any industry this new, laws can remain in a continual state of flux for years. This is certainly true when it comes to laws that regulate the packaging of cannabis and related products.

Your customers are likely to change their label format, style, and wording several times until regulations become more consistent. White Graphics understands this, which is why we offer a digital printing solution and the option to select short-label runs. We feel this solution is the best way for everyone involved in the cannabis industry to stay compliant without losing money.

Selecting the wrong printing partner can cost your company more than keeping up with changing regulations regarding product packaging. We invite you to contact White Graphic to learn more about our packaging services and how they can help you remain competitive in the thriving cannabis industry.