Choose the BOPP Adhesive Tape or Label Options that Perfectly Match Your Requirements

The name "BOPP" may sound corporate, but in this case, it's not a brand name. Instead, it stands for Biaxial Oriented Polypropylene. It is a popular material for making adhesive labels and tapes thanks to its versatility. Choosing the right BOPP option depends on your intended use, the expected temperature conditions that the material will be exposed to, and how long it needs to last.

Adhesive Tape or Labels?

This is the first thing to consider. Adhesive tape is typically narrow, but can be almost any length. Because of this profile, it is best for sealing packages or protecting specific sections of writing. It can also be used for small labels, such as those that announce box contents as "fragile" or "rush."

Adhesive labels, on the other hand, are often placed directly on products. They can be wider than typical tape, and in some cases, are cut to the size of the product in advance. The sticky nature of these labels can eliminate the need for heat shrinking or other such methods. Product labels are custom-printed, so when designed and applied properly, they look as professional as any other type of labels.

Types of BOPP Tape and Labels

Clear BOPP Tape and Labels – The transparency of clear BOPP adhesive tape and label material makes it good for packaging, protecting printed areas of boxes, protecting shipping labels, and similar applications. Since printed areas show through the tape, it can be applied for general taping use without concern for what gets taped over.

Colored BOPP Tape and Labels – This tape and label option is great for color coding boxes. Colors can stand for anything you want them to, such as hazards, needed delivery speeds, price ranges, and more.

Custom BOPP Tape and Labels – These are the ones used for product labels or printed tapes. They are printed with company logos and names to make them stand out and provide a professional appearance. They can be printed on either a clear or colored background as desired. Other information, such as ingredient lists, can be added as well.

Benefits of Choosing BOPP for Your Adhesive Tape and Labels

There are several benefits to BOPP, and this is why it is such a popular choice.

Thin Film – Since this material is thin, they stick closely to bottles, boxes, and other packaging. This makes them look very professional. In some cases, the printing on custom BOPP labels can appear to be printed directly onto a bottle until it is closely examined. Another benefit of BOPP's thin profile is that it doesn't need as much material to produce, thereby reducing costs.

High Strength – The strength of BOPP adhesive tape makes it perfect for taping up packages for shipping. It can withstand the physical stress of rough handling, so it won't split in transit.

UV and Moisture Resistant – Exposure to sunlight won't deform or weaken BOPP adhesive tape. It also won't be ruined if packages or products are exposed to rain. Both of these qualities make it an exceptional choice for shipping.

Dimensional Stability – BOPP adhesive labels and tapes won't shrink, wrinkle, or otherwise deform when put under pressure or tension. High or low temperature exposure won't cause problems, either.

Easily Printable – Printing dyes don't sit on top of BOPP products; they sink in. This prevents smearing, bleeding, spreading, or fading. Because of this, BOPP adhesive products are excellent for printed applications.

Eco-Friendly – BOPP tapes and labels are non-toxic and recyclable, making them more eco-friendly than many other options.

When you need BOPP adhesive tapes or labels, contact us here at White Graphics. We'll be glad to work with you to create the perfect solutions for your printed packaging needs.