7 Tips for Creating Eye-Catching Labels for Your Beauty Products

While looking for new cosmetics and other beauty products, shoppers largely use what’s on the label to make their purchase decisions. They pick up each item, read what’s on the label, and use that information to see if it might solve their beauty dilemmas. If they’re not immediately captivated, then they quickly move onto the next item on the shelf in hopes that it’s just what they’re looking for.

So, to stay ahead of the competition, all your items need eye-catching labels that show what you’re all about at first glance. If you’re not sure how to make that happen, simply use the seven tips in this guide to create your perfect labels.

Create a Cohesive Brand Identity to Share on Your Labels

Your labeling must link back to your brand identity to ensure you have a cohesive presence in the retail space. Brand elements that need to stay consistent between your website, marketing materials, and labels include:

  • Name
  • Logo
  • Slogan
  • Color Scheme
  • Fonts
  • Voice

Beyond that, your overall brand personality and style should greatly influence your label design.

By integrating all those elements into your labels, your loyal customers can find all your products in an instant while scanning their store shelves or online product pages. It can also help strengthen their connection with your brand, encouraging them to try out all your newest products.

Always Follow the Label Guidelines from the FDA

As with the creation of your products, you must follow FDA guidelines in designing your labels as well. Otherwise, you could end up in hot water, sending you straight back to square one in creating labels for your products.

To avoid that massive waste of time and money, dig deep into the guidelines before and during the label creation process. Verify that your design includes all the necessary information, such as:

  • Complete description of the product and its intended use
  • Accurate ingredient list that complies with FDA requirements
  • Total amount of product included in each tube, bottle, or other package
  • Your business name and contact information
  • Name of manufacturing or distribution facility

In addition, make sure that your label has all the necessary warning statements required for the product in question.

If you’re at all unsure about whether your label meets the guidelines, do not move ahead in the design and creation process. Consult with a skilled labelling expert to verify your labels comply with all FDA regulations.

Lay Out All Your Claims to Make Your Products Stand Out

As potential customers pour over your labels, they are looking for claims that align with their beauty needs and personal preferences. So, you need to lay out all your claims loud and clear to capture their attention and verify that your product is the right one for the job.

If your cosmetics or other beauty products are alcohol free, then put it on the label. The same goes for any products that are vegan, organic, hypoallergenic, or made using cruelty-free practices.

As long as you’re being 100% honest about your products’ ingredients and manufacturing practices, you can put it on the label without worry. To figure out what to prioritize, look to your customers for inspiration. What do they celebrate most about their favorite products? Once you figure that out, you’ll know what to include.

Select a Key Focal Point to Instantly Attract Interest

As you draw up your label design, think about what element will act as your key focal point. You could use an attractive image, fun series of shapes, or even your product name in bold lettering. You might even want to dream up an interesting slogan for each product line and use that as your focal point of choice.

No matter what you choose, use texture and color to your advantage here to make the focal point even more noticeable. It should capture your customers’ attention from across the room, striking interest and inspiring them to come over to take a closer look. If you can manage to make that happen, your focal point alone could land you many new customers each and every day.

Rework Your Design Until It Speaks to Your Target Audience

Your design should not only highlight the personality of your brand, but it should also speak to the preferences of your target audience. Do they prefer minimalist designs or like all things glitter and gold? Are they drawn to art deco designs or prefer things a little bit more kitsch?

Have your graphic designer draw up multiple designs to see which ones will resonate best with your potential customers. Link them with your brand identity by using your preferred voice, color scheme, and other key elements.

Don’t be afraid to make revisions to your favorite designs until they are pure perfection. You can always go back to prior iterations if you go a bit too far in your changes. Only move forward with the next steps once you’re fully satisfied with the design of your label.

Plan Out Multiple Label Sizes for All Your Products

Unless you only make one product in one size, you cannot just make a single label and call it good. Thankfully, once you have your base design in mind, you can modify it to fit all the other products in your lineup.

You just have to identify what container shapes and sizes you use, and then write up copy that meets FDA regulations for each of your products. Then, alter your existing label to fit all your jars, tubes, and other containers. Once that’s done, you can change the product names, ingredients lists, and descriptive information to ensure your labels meet all regulations and speak to the needs of your customers.

Use Interesting Materials and Printing Techniques

Even after you create your design, you can let your creativity soar with interesting materials and special printing techniques. You could go with embossing for a 3D appearance or add a dash of holographic colors with hot foil stamping.

For a futuristic look on your see-through containers, select a double-sided label with a fun design that your customers can view through your product. Don’t forget to ask about waterproof labels if your products are designed for use in the bath, shower, or by the sink.

If you’d like to add info to the label, but don’t want to change your design, think about ordering hang tags to put around the cap of your product. These tags allow you to highlight a new formula, provide info on special deals, or share any other important info with your customers.

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When it comes to selling cosmetics and beauty products, the label matters almost as much as the quality of your items. If you don’t have instantly captivating labels, your products won’t make it past the store shelves, allowing your competitors to leave you in the dust.

So, if you want to make it big in the beauty industry, you need to partner with a team who knows how to create excellent labels from the ground up. Thankfully, at White Graphics Inc, we make it easy to do just that. Just give us a call at 630-791-0232 to learn all about our top-quality cosmetic product labels and see what we can do for your brand. We look forward to helping your cosmetics and other beauty products stand out from the crowd.