Tips to Make Your Prototype Packaging Stand Out

Every year, there are countless new products launched all over the world. The sad reality, however, is that most of them (estimated 95%) actually fail their first year. During the first year that consumer packaged products are rolled out, only 25% actually make $7.5 million. In order to be seen as highly successful, a product needs to have $50 million in sales during the first year. Obviously, failure is not the goal of the entrepreneur or company but it is something to make note of.

How to Create an Innovative Packaging Design

Modern consumers demand packaging that is recyclable, sustainable, easy to open, and offers an array of value-added features. Regulators demand safety in packaging. And, retailers want efficiently designed packages that take the minimum possible amount of shelf space. Packaging's general purposes remain the same today as when primitive clay pots and animal skins were the common packaging materials—to protect contents, and to facilitate transportation and storage. But, today's packaging serves an ever-broadening spectrum of objectives.