What to Include on Shampoo Bottle Labels

Whether you want to create your own unique shampoo bottle label or you want to have a label professionally designed for your product, there are certain basic requirements to meet.

Because shampoo labeling falls under the purview of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act and the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act, there are guidelines you need to adhere to, which are summarized below.

Product Identity

Under this category, the label must contain the name—or brand— of the product.

Tamper-Proof Labels: What Are They & Why Should You Use Them?

Tamper-proof and tamper-evident labels have been used by businesses for many years to protect products and consumers alike. In the wake of coronavirus concerns, however, tamper-proof labels are being used more than ever before. From take-out boxes to grocery delivery cartons and everywhere in between, tamper-evident labels are used across a wide range of industries.

If your business isn't already using tamper-proof labels, is it time to start?

How to Create a UPC Label: A Tutorial

A Universal Product Code (UPC) is one of the most recognizable symbols in North America. Commonly used on consumer products, the barcode is a series of vertical lines and a 12-digit number underneath. Learn more about format, compliance, and what it takes to create one.