Tips for Creating and Using Tamper Proof Security Labels

Tamper-resistant packaging isn’t a typical requirement for most companies, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a worthwhile step to take. While certainly a safety precaution, it’s also a marketing opportunity in disguise. Not only can you put your name out there again on the label, you’re also sending a message to your customers that you go the extra mile. We’ll look at how you can make your packaging stand out. 

Common Types of Tamper Proof Labels 

The point of a tamper-proof label is to give your customer visual proof that the item hasn’t been corrupted by anyone. As long as the seal is still there, they know that the product came straight from your business to them. Most people understand that packaging can be damaged throughout the shipping process, but there are more nefarious things that can occur besides a few bumps and bruises. These labels assure people that the product is safe to buy. 

Common Types Include

Safety tabs
Void labels
Shrink bands

We’ll look more at each one, and give you tips on how to create and use them. 


Seals are typically used on either bags or jars and they can be customized to fit any product. Shapes, colors, materials: the range of options today is extensive. Some companies will want to print words or images on the label while others will leave it blank. 

We recommend designing a seal that speaks to your brand. So if you cater to people who want no-nonsense products, it might be better to skip the fancy graphics and reinforce the practical nature with a blank safety seal. If your audience is mainly kids, you might want to color of the seal to reflect that of your brand. 

Safety Tabs 

A safety tab is typically perforated and overlaps the lid or opening of the product. It’s attached to the main product and designed to rip off when opened. You can see this most famously on lip balms, but they can be customized for any number of applications. 

Safety tabs are typically small, so it limits how much marketing you can fit onto the tab. However, you can still experiment with different colors or other graphics to make an impact on the customers. 

Void Labels 

A void label is a little more versatile than our first two suggestions and can be placed on nearly anything. It can look like a regular silver label with nothing on it. It’s only if the product is tampered with that the label will show a person the word VOID. 

It’s this secondary layer that reveals an adverse event may have occurred along the way. If you’d like something a little more personalized than plain silver, you can add anything from a date to a marketing message to the top layer. They’re easy to customize in terms of size and shape. 

Shrink Bands 

A shrink band is one that fully adheres to your product and can cover anything from food to medical items. Typically applied using a heat source, the product can’t be used until that band is removed. Available in different colors and finishes, some companies will opt for clear shrink bands so as not to distract from the branding or printing of the core packaging.  

How to Make Your Labels More Functional 

Ultimately, how you use your labels depends on your brand. However, we do have a few tips to giving your customers more with every packaging decision.

Dates: Use-by and production dates can tell customers a lot about the items they purchase. Particularly when they’re unlikely to use the product immediately, this can be very welcome information on a label. 
Serial numbers: These numbers help customers ensure they got what they ordered. If there was a mistake made or they need to confirm which lot their item came from, they don’t have to tear into the packaging to reveal the answer. 
Instructions: Anything from the product details to company contact information can help walk customers through best practices. It may even cut down on customer service snags because customers have everything they need at hand. 
Inspector name: Some companies are renowned for personal attention to detail. Adding the name of the person who inspected the products is a nice touch (not to mention extra assurance that the customer is investing in quality. 

Having the right labels can go a long way toward creating the kind of customer loyalty that every company needs to thrive. Tamper proof labels may not be the flashiest part of marketing, but they can be a solid way to enforce your brand’s values and mission.