How to create a Candle Label, FPLA and CPSC Requirements

When you have candles to sell, the labels on them are an important part of marketing your product. While the overall design of your candle labels should be eye-catching, you’ll also need to make sure they meet federal regulations. The Fair Packaging and Labeling Act (FPLA) and the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) require labels for these types of products to include certain details. The following information can help you design and create candle labels that attract customers while also meeting FPLA and CPSC requirements.

Product Details

In order to meet FPLA requirements, your candle labels should include the following detailed information about your products:

Weight: State how much your candle weighs.
Wax type: List the type of wax used to make your candle, such as beeswax or soy wax.
Method of production: Include how your candle was made, such as being hand-poured.
Location of production: List which country your candle was made in.
Burn time: Indicate the amount of time your candle will burn in minutes or hours.

When you include this information on your candle labels, it should be easy for consumers to see and read. All details should be clearly stated to avoid any confusion.

Safety Information

The CPSC requires candles to have safety labels that provide consumers with the information needed to use these products as safely as possible. Including this information helps reduce the risk of fires and injuries. The safety labels on your candles should include the following:

How long the candle can burn each time it’s used
Which types of surfaces are safe for burning the candle on
A warning to avoid burning the candle close to flammable materials
How and when to trim the candle wick for safe usage
Manufacturer instructions on how to use the candle safely if applicable

Candle Label Materials

You should choose the type of material you use for your candle labels carefully. The label material and adhesive you select should be resistant to heat and considered safe for use on candles. Keep in mind that these labels will need to be able to handle extremely high temperatures without melting or dissolving. Your labels will need to be able to handle changes in temperature as well without becoming damaged.

When choosing custom candle labels, the material will also need to be flame-resistant. This helps reduce the risk of fires when the candle is being used. Materials such as biaxially-oriented polypropylene or a similar material are generally considered safe to use on candles.

Print quality is another important factor to consider when selecting a material for your labels. You should choose a label material that allows high-quality printing so that your product and safety information is clear and can easily be seen.

The type of label material you choose also depends on where you will be putting it. If you’re putting the label directly on the candle, you’ll need material and adhesive that will stay on without becoming damaged. Your other option is to put candle labels on a tin or other container that your candle is in. Your labels might stick better and withstand wear and tear more when they are used on containers rather than on the candle.

Candle Label Size and Shape

When designing your candle labels, think about how big or small they should be and what shape would work best for practical and marketing purposes. Choose a shape that is visually appealing to customers while also making it easy for them to read the information printed on your label. The shape that best suits your products might depend on the shape of your candles, such as round pillar candles or a long, rectangular candle in a tin.

When choosing the right size for your labels, you should first measure your candle or container. Make sure that all of your information, including your brand, is visible without becoming overwhelming to read. In some cases, a label that wraps around candles or containers rather than a label that goes on one side might be a better choice.

Your Candle Brand

Your candle label should prominently display your brand, including your brand name and logo. This makes it easier for customers to notice your brand right away when they’re shopping for candles. Your brand name and logo should help you choose the design elements for your labels, such as fonts and colors.

Keep in mind that choosing a combination of high-quality candle label materials and printing should be your overall goal. This helps ensure that your candle labels offer strong visual appeal for marketing purposes and meet federal regulations.